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Eastern Flooring / Greystone

Be bold with Greystone. Handsomely dark grey with washed undertone, this board projects drama and modern sophistication. This chisel cut Greystone board is sort after due to its strength, toughness, and hardness. It will stand the test of time, and will provide elegance and rustic antique charm that hardwood offers in everyday living.

American Hickory Traditional Wood Flooring is sanded smooth with a uniform appearance of an aged patina. Usually straight grained, but occasionally wavy or irregular, hickory has a somewhat coarse texture.  Hickory is a very strong wood that, if treated well, will last a lifetime with minimal wear.

2100mm(L) x 178mm(W) x 12mm(T)


Matte Finished, UV Lacquer, Wire Brushed


Structural - Lifetime, Wear - 20 Years


American Hickory