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Plantation Shutters

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Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters:


Street Appeal:

The overall appearance of your home will be greatly increased with the installation of Plantation Shutters. From the outside they give an added charm and elegance to the look of your home, and can increase its overall value.


Plantation Shutters can be custom made to suit your precise requirements, giving any room of your home a sense of light and spaciousness. These low-maintenance shutters are highly durable and will shut out noise, providing you with many years of protection and privacy.

Energy Efficient:

Plantation shutters are an extremely popular variety of window furnishings in Australia due to their aesthetic appeal and insulating qualities. Plantation shutters are amazing in every kind of weather, keeping a room warm in winter and cool in summer. Improve the resale value of your home with timeless and functional shutters that will last for many years.

Light Control:

The tilted louvres on plantation shutters are similar to slats on blinds; however, shutters are fitted onto the window frame and can be opened outwards like a door. Therefore, you can fully open the frame to let the full light in, or tilt the Shutters at an angle that allows in the sufficient amount of light. At The Eastern Flooring Centre, we offer a wide range of custom plantation shutters in a huge variety of colours and materials.

Please contact us to request a quote:

At The Eastern Flooring Centre, we can assist you with choosing shutters in an ideal shade for your home. Our experienced team offers a high-quality installation service to ensure longevity and perfection with all of our products. Request a quote online for your plantation shutters, or call us on 1300 724 176 for more information.