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European Oak

Eastern Flooring / European Oak

Benefits of Engineered European Oak:


Easy to Maintain:

Due to our advanced anti-static Klumpp coatings, our European Oak Engineered flooring is simple to clean, saving you time and effort in the long run. The invisible UV lacquer provides a natural looking finish that will protect and maintain your floors for many years to come. Some of our most popular boards are Kebilli Oak and Parkvale Oak.

Versatile and Stable:

Engineered European Oak is made up of natural timber layers rather than 1 solid piece, making it simple to install and versatile for a range of applications. The engineered construction offers superior advantages in dimensional stability of the flooring and is guaranteed not to cup, warp, split or crack unlike solid timber flooring.


Sustainably harvested from certified plantations, The Eastern Flooring Centre’s Engineered European Oak varieties work perfectly in new builds and home restorations, creating a classic and timeless feel. The Engineered construction of these boards include a 14.5cm thick board, with a 3cm solid timber top, meaning less of the actual tree is being used. The Eastern Flooring Centre’s range offers a high tannin content and less sapwood, meaning these boards are reliable and consistently absorb colour stains upon manufacturing.

Installation options:

Our Engineered European Oak boards can be either directly stuck to your sub floor with glue or floated on top of the subfloor, utilising a foam underlay. They offer an even colour tone from board to board and often has a wavy and interesting grain pattern. This pattern makes Engineered European Oak stand out beautifully in any home design.

Please contact us to request a quote:

Each board of Engineered European Oak from the Eastern Flooring Centre is handcrafted, ensuring no two boards are identical. Feel free to come in to our Blackburn showroom to watch our short videos on the production of this beautiful flooring.

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